A little bit about me...

I am a Los Angeles based professional photographer. My experience as a photographer started in the entertainment business photographing artists as diverse as Radiohead, Steve Buscemi and Bill Gates. I learned to tell a story in pictures (and to work with a variety of personalities!).

I split my time shooting fine art, event and commercial work, which has taken me to numerous places around the world. Oh, and I am self-taught.

Over ten years ago I decided to expand my scope, also applying my aesthetic to mitzvah and wedding photography.

My style has been described as timeless, loose and real: Visual storytelling is the foundation of my photography. I'm a fan of classic documentary photography with depth rather than trendy images where the technique speaks louder than the images.

When I say I am a "documentary photographer" this means that very few shots are "set up" or formal - This is why there are almost none shown on my website. I am happy to shoot these, but it must be requested beforehand and allowed for in the schedule.

I capture events as they unfold at their own pace, rather than constantly interrupting it to take endless posed photos. My hope is that when people look at your photographs, that they get a real sense of your child's personality, and of the people who were a part of the experience.

 When I am not taking photographs for work, I can be found seeking out unusual art and music here in Los Angeles, and shooting and exhibiting my fine art and documentary photographs. And spoiling my cat. And of course spending too much time on Instagram, and Facebook.

I'd love to talk with you about your bar or bat mitzvah photography! Please answer a few questions below so I can know more about your needs. Alternatively, feel free to call the studio at 323.666.2696. (Sometimes emailed forms can be unreliable so I suggest this)